Hello world, I'm a coder.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SharePoint, Office 365 and Bot.

Emanuele Bartolesi
Full Stack Web Developer

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I am Emanuele Bartolesi

Full Stack Web Developer

I've been working for many years as a web developer, as I fell in love with web technologies from the first moment I saw a website with my 56k modem.
If I should tell you what I most love of Web Development, this might be the frontend. But I am also very excited for Web Api and the backend logic, written in Microsoft technologies as ASP.NET, as well as other technologies as NodeJS.
Since 2014 I have been named Microsoft MVP in the "Visual Studio and Development Technologies" category. It led me speaking during national as well as international events.

  • Age 35
  • Nationality Italy
  • Address Milano.
  • Phone +39 339 8442007
  • E-mail bartolesiemanuele@hotmail.com
  • Blog blog.emanuelebartolesi.com

Professional Skills


Boostrap 98%

Angular 90%

Azure 70%

SharePoint/Office 365 92%

Job Experiences

I am always looking for new ideas and adventures. That's why I have always decided to work for cutting-edge companies, both in terms of technologies as well as job methodology.


Senior Web Developer (01/03/2017 - Present)

I came in 4ward because I felt the needs of new challenges and my expectations have been satisfied. I work here as a Senior Web Developer with ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Angular and Azure. I also have the opportunity to work often with SharePoint and Office365. I even realize bot application in C# with Microsoft Bot Frame work.


Senior Web Developer (01/01/2017 - Present)

Since January 2017 all my opensource projects and more, are realized under this name. I implemented projects for managing Office 365 tenant, automatic SharePoint farm documentation creation and other online services written in ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core and C#. For web projects I have also always used Bootstrap and Angular.


Senior Web Developer and Team Leader (01/04/2014 - 1/02/2017)

I worked in Porini for many years as Senior Web Developer and as Team Leader for the last year. I realized some intranet applications with SharePoint and some web applications with ASP.NET, Boostrap and Azure.

SmartCore Tech

Senior Web Developer (01/06/2010 - 01/09/2015)

I worked for a lot of years as a freelance developer. During this awesome adventure I have seen so many different kind of projects, that my skills grew a lot.



I have always liked the artistic side of the web and how it changed during the years. And that led me studying for years with no break, for real. For my Web Design Projects, I usually use Boostrap or Foundation Framework.


I can say, that I am most a Microsoft stack developer, but during the last years I have been exploring other worlds like NodeJS, Meteor and more. Even if I fall in love with AngularJs, AngularX, I won't forget my past love jQuery. :)


I fall in love with the web world thanks to asp classic last 1999. Since 2001 I have been migrating projects from the very first versions of .NET to the new framework. I am currently using ASP.NET Core in the production environment.


I use the Azure services for developers. I especially use Web Apps, CDN, SQL Azure, Traffic Manager and Azure AD. I also have some Azure infrastructure skills, but I can't obviously say I am a system admin. :)


I began working on SharePoint a long time ago. I realized some intranet applications, and much more. During the last years I have been working even more on Office 365. I can also create SharePoint add-ins with ASP.NET.


I can build bots for Facebook, Skype and Skype for Business with Microsoft Bot Framework. This is one of my favourites technology at the moment.


I am not only a Developer, I also have many other hobbies. I am a triathlon athlete and I am in love with my two wonderful dogs.






To keep up to date on the technologies I like and my upcoming events as a Speaker, follow my blog at this address: blog.emanuelebartolesi.com. For the moment, my blog is only in italian.